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After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in French from the University of Missouri-Columbia,  LeAnne began her professional career developing and authoring training manuals for software used by college bookstores.  She then became a trainer in the securities and financial services industry, where she trained upper management in communication and leadership skills.  She has a Certificate of Languages from the Université de Bourgogne in Dijon, France, a Zenger Miller/Global Achieve Certification in Leadership & Communication Training, and a Series 6 & 63 Certification.

LeAnne's career always has involved learning skills and then teaching those skills to others, and her start in dog training was no different.   LeAnne got involved in training when she adopted a behavioral dog, Henley, from The Pet Connection.  She decided that she needed to learn more about behavior, so she started volunteering up to 40 hours per week working with behavioral dogs.  She eventually moved into training and teaching classes where she teaches those skills to others.  Her family dogs are Maggie and Minnie, who both work in classes as peer model dogs for dogs exhibiting reactivity or other behavioral issues.  LeAnne also has fostered several behavioral dogs throughout the years.

LeAnne believes it is important to give people the tools they need to understand the canine members of their household so they can work to create a better environment for them and their dog, and strengthen their bond.


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