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Pawsitive Tails

Introducing the Marvelous Moo! Moo has her bags packed (she travels light, don’t worry) and is more than ready to Moo-ve in with her forever person or family.
Moo recently got a new lease on life. See, this darling, sweet 8-year-old girl was discovered hunkered down, abandoned on an empty, trash-filled lot in Kansas City. She was able to be trapped and brought to safety by the KC Dog Trappers. Moo is currently living with a foster who is working with her every day to help her become her best doggy self. And she’s thriving in her foster home. But she’d really love to settle into her forever one.
Moo is looking for a loving and patient home where she will feel comfortable and secure. This girl absolutely loves affection, but after going so long on her own without physical touch, she needs time to warm up to and trust her new humans before they get too handsy. For the same reason, sudden changes to Moo’s environment can throw her off, so she is looking for a stable and low-key adult only home. She does great on leash, so a fenced in yard is not a must. She’s a lower energy girl and will walk you right back to the door when she’s ready to go inside and then sprawl out on the cool floor.
Moo is very well mannered in the house, prefering to lay on the floor and veg out to a good Moo-vie or follow you around and look at you with her puppy dog eyes. She absolutely loves her playpen which is full of beds and feeder toys, and will happily stay there at bedtime or when her humans are at work. Moo is also crate trained.
Moo has done well meeting new doggy friends, but isn’t much of a rough and tumble player type. She prefers her canine friends to be chill like her.
This sweet girl will do ANYTHING for food, so make sure to stock up! But don’t worry-Moo isn’t picky. She loves hot dog tidbits, cheese and deli meat. So, you could say, Moo enjoys herself a non-fancy charcuterie tray!
Stay tuned while we get to know this girl better. Please call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 for more info on Moo, or send in an application at if you find Moo’s profile Moo-ving and would like to meet her.

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