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Hi there! I’m Moose! You might remember seeing my post from about a year ago? Well, the good news is that I had a home for just about that long. The bad news? The person who said she would love me forever and ever decided to move and now I'm homeless again. I have a proposition, though--I promise to be loyal to you if you make me your for real forever boy! 
I've gotten a little older (I'm seven very handsome years old now, to be precise) and I'm still a big boy. Maybe my name comes from my big size? But please don’t let my size intimidate you. I think it just means my heart is bigger. The truth is, I am a very well-behaved boy who is just really looking forward to being part of a family. I sure hope my family sees this and wants to meet me.
I’m already neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated, and I can have my bags packed to go home with you in no time! I may be a big guy, but I travel light! But the best thing I can offer is that I come with a lifetime of unconditional love. Everyone needs that, right? 
I am also a very treat-motivated guy. What can I say, I love my food! But being treat-motivated will actually help me learn new things. I already know the commands, “sit,” and “down,” but I would love to learn more. Would you like to help me learn new things?  
No one knows for certain my past because I haven’t shared it all with them, and I don’t really like to dwell on the past. But I will tell you that I can be a bit scared of strangers and a bit selective about my doggy friends.  
Let’s see, what else . . . oh yeah, I also love to play with toys—especially the ones that squeak! Squeaky toys are THE BEST! I am house-trained and crate-trained, too. Oh, AND I like to sit on the riding lawn mower. That’s normal, right? Don’t most dogs like to sit on riding lawn mowers? But it’s really ok if you don’t have a riding lawn mower.  

So, are you looking for a well-behaved boy with a big heart? Please come meet me!
To make a pet connection, call/text The Pet Connection at (913) 671-7387. I'm staying with them in Beloit, Kansas, but I would totally be on board with hitching a ride to my new home. 

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