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Private Owner

Meet Nyjah! She is a stunning girl (trust us, the pictures don't do her justice) who loves to play fetch and go for car rides. Her absolute favorite activity, though, is playing in water. Lakes, creeks, even baby pools, are heaven on earth for Nyjah! 
If you enjoy walking, jogging, hiking, boating, or other outdoor activities, but think a buddy might make it that much more fun, Nyjah just might be your pooch. She's pretty good on a leash, and would be delighted to accompany you on treks in the neighborhood or great outdoors.
Nyjah has never met a stranger and enjoys meeting allll the humans. She's a happy, friendly, sweet girl who thinks cuddling is simply amazing. She has even done great with kids as young as two years old.
Looking for an irresistibly adorable pooch who also has impeccable house manners? Great news! You won't need to worry about housetraining Nyjah-- she already knows to do her business outside. And she isn't at all destructive.
Nyjah isn't asking for much, really. A loving home where she can be inside and part of a family, with a cozy place to sleep, food to eat, and humans to snuggle.
Please call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 if you're interested in adopting Nyjah. She's located near Beloit, KS, but can be transported to the right home. Nyjah is spayed and up to date on shots. She's looking for a home with a fenced yard where she can be the only pet (no other dogs or cats).

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