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A lovable, goofy, entertaining boy, Bob is known to make us all laugh by absconding with his electronic toys.

Bob is a sweet boy and a fun, fun cat. He's a young lad of three and weighs about nine pounds. His fur is silky soft and he loves to be petted.

He's very loving and very playful. Bob's earned the nickname "Bob the Terminator" because of how avid and energetic his play is; his passion is electronic games that he can carry around and disassemble!

Bob is selective about his feline friends. He gets along famously with some cats but can be a bully to others. A slow, appropriate introduction will help ensure Bob and your resident kitties get along.

With Bob, you'll never be alone as he is always interested in what you're doing and loves to be involved. Doing a little work at the computer? Bob will help! Cleaning the house? Bob will supervise!

When Bob was a kitten he had a severe upper respiratory infection and had to have one of his eyes removed. They were able to save the other eye to keep his eyesight. That eye is sensitive and Bob will need your help taking care of it with warm washcloths and eye drops. Bob is cooperative, though, so providing care to him is not difficult. With his black mask, you can hardly tell he's missing an eye. And by his behavior, you surely would never know!

Call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 for more information on Bob! He's in the KC metro, but transport might be available to the right home.

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