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Echo is an outgoing, friendly boy who loves being with people and greeting visitors.

Hi, I’m Echo! I’m only age three, and still a kitten at heart. I’m a big-framed boy with exotic looks and resemble a bobcat when I run and jump, which I love to do when playing. I like to look out the window and watch birds, and would love a tall cat tree to watch from.

I welcome visitors and enjoy being with people. I’m very loving, love being petted and kisses on my head. I'm a very curious boy and enjoy interactive play with all kinds of toys. My foster mom thinks I could learn to play fetch because I once chased a ball down the hall, picked it up, ran it back to her, then dropped it at
her side on the couch. I was interested and curious when a cat-friendly dog visited, so would likely do OK with one with slow and gradual introduction.

I was lost and came to my foster mom’s home looking for help. She has taught me to get back from the door when asked, so please continue that since my outdoor curiosity got me lost before.

Because of my playfulness and high energy, I’m not the best match for young children, but would be OK with older cat-savvy children. For more information or to arrange a time to meet me, please call Gaye at 913.661-0294. I'd love to meet you to see if we are a good match! I'm staying in the Kansas City metro and would like to make my permanent home in this area, too.


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