Little Frankie is all kitten!

Frankie is a pure black domestic shorthair kitten. She is about 14 weeks old and she is a ball of fun! Frankie and Jerry both live with their mama, Daisy, in a foster home and are doing very well with socialization! They were found under the foster’s driveway, so the foster called a local company, A1 Sewer and Septic, to help rescue the kittens. Both Frankie and her brother Jerry are super ornery and devilishly playful -- if you want kitten energy they are just right for you! They prefer you crouch down to tiny kitten level before they run up to you to play, but once they’re used to you they are little wrestling machines! They are litter trained, love playing with toys and romping with each other, and are looking for their new home. If you have questions or would like to proceed with adoption you can contact (913)-671-7387 or fill out the cat adoption application online. Frankie and Jerry and are not bonded and can be adopted separately. They are in the Kansas City metro, but transport is available to the right home.

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