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Beau would like to show you that he's both beauty and brains.

A short essay on the benefits of adopting me, a dog named Beau. . .

Boy howdy, I'm a looker! My stunning physique will make YOU the talk of the town! My nubbin' of a tail has its own independent charms, to be sure, wagging furiously every single time I see your face.

But I'm not just pretty, I'm also a deep thinker (see picture for me looking thoughtful) and very smart. For example, I already know how to "sit," "lay down," and "stay." Heck, I'm even housetrained. I also reserve my barks to notify you when you should know someone is outside--smart, eh?

I would be a wonderful companion to your dog! I lived with a tiny squirt of a canine, but I think I could be friends with most any other dog. We'd just need to interview each other to make sure we'd be cool as roomies. I'm not real picky about keeping the kitchen clean or anything, but one thing I value in a dog is the ability to play chase. Bonus points if a dog can play chase with a toy in his mouth and accept that I like to vocalize while we run.

While I'm still a young guy, only about a year old, I already know how to chill when I'm inside the house. Give me a Nylabone and I will happily lay at your feet for hours. I appreciate sleeping in, too, so no need to get up early on my account.

Perhaps my most endearing trait is my love for my people. Cuddles, kisses, ear scratches, pets, and just plain ol' being near you are my favorite activities.

Did I do my assignment well? Do you think we might be buddies? Yes? Pick up that phone and call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 and ask about me, Beau! I'm in the Kansas City metro, but I love going for rides in the car (I call shotgun!) and my friends say they'll drive me to the right home. So go ahead and ask about me!

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