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He loves all the people, big and small.

This adorable goofball is Bubba, our friend from Saving Death Row Dogs in Topeka, Kansas. Bubba is a very handsome Rottweiler mix and about six years old. Like so many of the dogs in our program, Bubba had a difficult start to life. His mama was used as a backyard breeder. Bubba's oxygen was cut off during his birth and he had to be resuscitated.

He's a very sweet guy and loves all the people, big and small. On a perfect day, Bubba would spend some time running, rolling and lounging in the grass, and sitting for some yummy treats. In case you were wondering, he really likes cheese. That stuff is good! (If you want to get really fancy with rotisserie chicken, Bubba won’t complain!) Bubba's nub tail wags like crazy if you talk silly to him. Maybe he's just humoring us, but he sure seems to enjoy it! Bubba also loves to play with stuffies and rope toys—he runs and places them where he thinks they belong in the yard. So stinkin' cute!

Bubba's been bounced around quite a bit, so we really want his next home to be his forever. That’s what he dreams about at night. And frankly, also during the day!

Are you Bubba's dream come true? Call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 for more info on Bubba. He's hanging out with The Pet Connection in Beloit, Kansas, but transport is available to the right home.

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