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Griffin enjoys a nice walk, naps on the couch, and cheese, always cheese.

Griffin LOVES cheese! Like, really, really loves cheese! Yellow cheese, white cheese, squeezed cheese, sliced cheese, chunks of cheese, ANY cheese! Griffin can hear a cheese wrapper from a mile away. Cheese is Griffin's love language.

Griffin came to stay with us from our friends at Dog Gone Rescue for a little training. He's a three-year-old boxer mix with a derpy, adorable face and the cutest snaggle tooth ever.

We're still getting to know this sweet guy, but already we've discovered some very important things about Griffin. He loves car rides and is excellent at them! He enjoys going on walks and is very good on a leash. Griffin ranks a romp in the yard among his top five activities. He is most certainly a couch potato, so make some room! Being a polite, well-mannered pooch, Griffin is housetrained and not destructive inside. He likes toys, but food is so. much. better. And, last but not least, Griffin already knows "sit," "shake," and "stay"!

Griffin can be a tiny bit shy with new people, but if you've got a little cheese, Griffin will be your best friend in no time. We think he'd do great in a home with only adults or one with older kids. (Young kids can be a little ... much... for a slightly shy guy like Griffin. He's having a grand time meeting his foster canine brother, a big fuzzy Pyrenees! Eventually, Griffin just might like a home with another dog.

Think Griffin might be your guy? Call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 for more information! He's staying in the Kansas City metro, but we'll transport him to the right home. Get your cheese ready!

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