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Look at that cute little face! Kanga loves car rides and is ready for adventures with her peeps.

Kanga was facing euthanasia at a local shelter and a team of organizations and people worked together to make sure that didn't happen. Now Kanga needs YOUR help! Kanga is looking for an adopter or foster home with a fenced yard so she doesn’t have to go on walks to do her business where she'll be meeting new people all the time. That’s not too much to ask now, is it?

Here’s a glowing report from her current foster mom, who lives in an apartment:

"Kanga has done exceptionally well during her time with us. She doesn’t bark in our apartment. She kennels well throughout the day and sleeps in a kennel at night without whining or barking. She hasn’t gotten into or chewed up anything she isn’t supposed to. She loves her toys and will plop herself on the couch with a toy and stay there for hours. She’s pretty low energy in the apartment, which is not what I was expecting! Still a goofball but not a crazy goofball. She’s become quite the cuddle bug too and likes to be close to and follow us around the apartment. We’ve not seen any type of resource guarding with her either. She has seen the cats and they are well aware that the other exists in the apartment, but she’s not actively trying to pursue them and doesn’t bark at them. Kanga has been known to do well with other dogs of similar temperament and level of play. We think Kanga’s ideal home is one in a house, not an apartment. . ."

Once she feels safe and gets to know you, Kanga will love you, trust you, and be very loyal. She just needs a proper introduction to new people.

If you’re interested in adopting or fostering Kanga, please call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387. Kanga is in the Kansas City metro, but transport to the right home is available!

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