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Moss is cuddly, playful, handsome, and super smart!

Moss is a great boy with a ton of personality! Let's chat about his personal stats, first. Handsome here is about eight years old and 65 pounds--perfection!

He has excellent taste in music; "Gimme Shelter" by the Rolling Stones is his favorite song. His mom and dad used to play it on his walks to help cover up noise that would otherwise scare Moss when he was just a baby. And if you're wondering where his name came from, he's named after a character from the IT Crowd, which is a British comedy series, so he's got culture, too!.

When it's cold outside, Moss loves to cuddle up and rest his head on your lap. During the summers, though, he can be found rolling in the grass and sunbathing. No matter the season, he appreciates butt scritches and belly rubs.

Moss loves, loves, loves to play year-round! His favorite toys have squeakers (yay!), he'll play fetch with you, and he loves to play tug.

This boy is incredibly smart. He knows how to sit, stay, come, look at me, touch (your hand or a post-it placed somewhere), shake, lay down, and find it). Moss is very treat motivated, so teaching him new things will be a breeze. He likes to be challenged with puzzles where food is the reward.

He'd prefer an adult-only home where he can be the only pet, but we promise you won't even need another four-legged friend with this sweet goofball.

Moss is shy at first, but once you become one of his people, he will love you forever. Please call or text The Pet Connection about becoming one of Moss's people. 913-671-7387.

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