Osa is a beautiful, fluffy pooch with a wonderful personality!

Osa means Bear in Spanish, and we think that's a perfect name for this fluffy girl with an incredible spirit.
To understand Osa, you must know her background. Osa and her sister, Dolly, spent the first months of their lives outside. They weren't part of a family, didn't know the comfort of a soft place to sleep, and had no idea that humans can be good and kind. They missed out on the socialization they needed and, understandably, they are very shy and fearful around new people. The girls were deemed unadoptable and scheduled for euthanasia at a local shelter.

You see, timid dogs have a hard time finding homes, mostly because people want that instant connection with kisses and wiggly butts. Osa isn't that kind of dog, but that's just fine. Her people are out there!
At two years old, Osa weighs around 40 pounds--the perfect size, really! While she's super shy at first, count on tons of snuggles once she knows you. Osa is all kinds of good things: silly, funny, sweet, affectionate, and she leans into you for pets. She is a fan of other dogs and will need a canine pal in her new home.

Osa's ideal home would be with patient people who don't have a lot of visitors. She needs a fenced yard and can't live in an apartment because all those noises are way too scary for this pooch.

Call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 for more info on Osa! She's staying at The Sanctuary in Beloit, Kansas, but transport is available to the right home. She's also eligible for a no-cost adoption with an encouraged donation to The Pet Connection!

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