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Private Owner

Don't let Tank's sad pouty face fool you. He just uses it to get treats!

He's a happy, affectionate pup who adores humans, and is game for car rides, playing, cuddling (on your lap if you'll let him), snacking, and just being with his people. He's also a fan of toys, treats and bones. Tank is housetrained and a perfect gentleman when left alone in the home when his humans are gone. He doesn't even require a crate! He will greet you upon your return with full-body wiggles and even the cutest "ah-ROOOO" when he's especially excited. Tank is a very laid back, and some would say lazy, pooch, but he does get the pit bull zoomies on occasion. He's pretty darned irresistible, really.

Tank is very in tune with his humans' emotions and loves to wiggle with you when you celebrate, or snuggle you all day when you're not feeling well. Tank gets along great with kids, but he's a door dasher so would be best in a home with older or no kids so that he doesn't escape through a door inadvertently left ajar. Tank prefers to be the only dog in your home.

His family loves him so much, but they have health issues and can no longer care for him. They're heartbroken to come to the conclusion that finding him a new home is what's best for Tank. Please text or call The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 for more info on this sweet, silly boy. He's in the Kansas City metro, but transport is available to the right home.

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