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The Pet Connection, Inc.
Training Class Agreement

IMPORTANT SAFETY ISSUE: ALL CLASS ATTENDEES MUST CHECK IN WITH TPC when they arrive at class by text message to 913-671-7387. STAY IN YOUR CAR until we let you know that all attendees of the class before you have left. Please do not get out to potty your dog or to come to the front door. If you need more information, text the number any time to ask questions or need clarification.


Client/Owner agrees to the following terms and conditions for classes with The Pet Connection, Inc. (“TPC”):


1. Positive Reinforcement Commitment. TPC uses positive reinforcement methods and tools. No shock collars, prong collars, or choke collars are allowed in class, and TPC strongly discourages the use of those punitive tools outside of class. I will bring my dog to class on a regular leash and collar and with soft treats my dog likes and/or favorite toys.


2. Transparency. I agree to disclose all known behavioral issues and concerns to all trainers, caretakers, and potential adopters.


3. Rabies Vaccination. Prior to my first class, I will text a picture of my dog’s current rabies vaccination to TPC. A photo of my dog’s tag is sufficient. 913-671-7387


4. Payment. Payment is due at the time of class. If payment is not made on the day of class, it is considered late. Invoicing will occur and there is a $35/per month fee for late payments. We can only pass savings on when payment is made on time. TPC reserves the right to exclude clients from class if they have a past due balance. If account is past due longer than 30 days any discounts and scholarships will be revoked and the full price of $85 per class will be instituted. If a client needs to pay by credit card or PayPal, they should do so before class at The trainers may accept cash or check. I am responsible for any dishonored check fees, and TPC may refuse to accept subsequent checks from me if my check is dishonored.


5. Schedule and Timeliness. I will bring my dog to my scheduled class consistently and on time. If I am more than 20 minutes late, TPC may not be able to accommodate me for my class, but I will be responsible for the cost of that class. TPC makes every effort to begin all classes on time but can occasionally run up to 10 minutes behind. If classes are running further behind, I will be notified by text message.


6. Cancellation/No Shows. If I am unable to attend a scheduled class, I will notify TPC at least 24 hours prior to the start time of my class by text to 913-671-7387. No-shows and late cancellations will owe the full cost of class. If I contact anyone else in any other manner, that is not a proper cancellation and I will be responsible for the fee.


7. Homework. During or at the end of each class session, homework will be assigned so I can build a better bond and further the dog’s training. It is imperative that homework assignments are completed before my dog returns to class. If for some reason I am not following the behavioral plan or completing homework, TPC will discuss with me. My consistent failure to follow the behavioral plan and/or complete homework, as determined in TPC’s trainers’ sole discretion, may result in TPC’s termination of this Agreement and my exclusion from classes.


8. Communication. I should direct any questions regarding training or scheduling to the TPC hotline at 913-671-7387. There is no fee for any communications with this hotline. However, if I need to speak to a trainer directly outside of class time, I will be assessed a fee of $15 per text message or $25 per phone call and a $20 per hour fee. Each organization must assign a single contact person for each dog participating in TPC classes – that person is designated above.


9. Team Training. TPC trains as a team. Trainers are managed and overseen by Melody Huff and Jamie Stewart. I may not request to work with a particular trainer over another.


10. Termination. TPC reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and exclude me from classes if I miss more than 2 classes in one month, if I have an unpaid balance for more than 30 days, if, in the sole discretion of TPC’s trainers, I consistently fail to follow the behavioral plan and/or complete homework, or for other reasons in the sole discretion of TPC’s trainers.

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